About me

Nancy Sandvoll - Norwegian Online Teacher
I was born in Norway in 1958. Since 1999, I have been living in Madeira, Portugal.
My interests are many; music, photography, art, animals, nature, gardening, healthy food, teaching….

Qualifications & Experience

My academic background is in music and pedagogy from the Norwegian State Academy of Music, with some extra from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.
I have many years of experience as a musician, teaching music and musical instruments.

Teaching language is closely related to teaching music.

I am teaching Norwegian as a Foreign Language online at Folkeuniversitetet Øst, and have been teaching at  Lingu Norge as well. I have also been teaching at Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) for a couple of years before I was Lead Instructor – Recruitment and Training at BVC.
From early 2017 I am also teaching at mYngle and Learnship.

I love to teach my language! That’s why you can find me here as Norwegian Online Teacher!